Friday, February 12, 2010


Ok, so you know about the fish in the corner and how you can feed them food my clicking somewhere in the "tank." Well, if you noticed, each fish is a different color, colors picked out by me. It looks like there are only five fish. But did you know that there are actually six fish? There's a yellow fish which you can't see against the yellow background which was chosen randomly because I didn't feel like picking out a color for the backround because picking out the fish colors was hard enough and then they make you pick the background!!! Just letting you know because I felt like typing and I haven't posted on my blog forever. And in case you were wondering about disappearing fish food in case any of you cared about feeding my fake fish.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody!!!!!!!!!! Me and my sister, Lindsay, and our dog Reagan stayed up until midnight. Well, I don't think Lindsay did. But she did wear a hat! I had a picture, but Lindsay didn't want it on the internet. I asked her for a reason and this was her answer:
"because I don't want you to"

Even Reagan started to celebrate. She started barking when I started blowing into the horn things at midnight. But of course, Lindsay was sleeping. Maybe not. I think she was half asleep because I don't know how she could sleep with all the noise. She finally got up and called my mom to come home and she almost started crying when I blew my horn or whatever you want to call it at her.

Know how I said Reagan started to celebrate? I got a picture of her wearing a Happy New Year hat. It's by Lindsay's pic, in case you didn't notice.